At Advanced Decking & Patios, nestled in the heart of the Gold Coast, we’re more than just a business; we’re a cornerstone of the community, embodying a legacy of craftsmanship and a dedication to the outdoor Australian lifestyle. Our story is one of connection, not only to the beautiful landscapes we transform but also to the vibrant community we serve. This narrative is crafted with you in mind, the discerning homeowner of the Gold Coast seeking not just an outdoor living space but a sanctuary designed with integrity, quality, and a personal touch.

Our Legacy

A Legacy Cemented in the Gold Coast Community

Advanced Decking & Patios has always been more than a service provider; we are an integral part of the Gold Coast fabric, intertwining our family’s passion for craftsmanship with our commitment to enhancing community life. This commitment transcends the boundaries of our business, manifesting in our involvement in local events, support groups, and development programs, ensuring that our footprint extends far beyond the decks and patios we meticulously craft.

Our team’s efforts, particularly those of our very own Steve, highlight our commitment to fostering resilience, growth, and unity. Our community engagement journey is punctuated by significant initiatives that reflect our ethos of impactful action.

2022: Empowering Youth Through Sports and Mentorship

1 blurr blurr 1 e1711420733745Our journey began in earnest in 2022 when we volunteered and coached at the Beaudesert KingFishers Rugby League club. This venture was about much more than sports; it was about mentoring young individuals, teaching them the values of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. Captured moments from our time at the club, with privacy preserved, showcase the community spirit that sports can ignite.

2024: Supporting Local Talents and Pursuits2024 sponsared the Jimboomba Pony Club even

Looking forward, Advanced Decking is proud to sponsor the 2024 event at the Jimboomba Pony Club, underscoring our commitment to nurturing local talents and fostering community events that bring us closer together. This sponsorship embodies our dedication to supporting local activities that enrich our community’s social and cultural life.

Steve’s Barbershop: More Than Just Haircuts

In the heart of Kooralbyn, Steve’s shed has transformed into more than just a barbershop; it’s a beacon of community, offering free haircuts to young locals. This initiative provides more than just a service; it offers dignity, a sense of normalcy, and a safe space for young men and boys to engage in meaningful conversations, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

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Tackling Bullying with Discipline and Self-Defense

Steve extends his commitment to the youth by teaching self-defense and discipline through boxing. This program aims to build confidence, instill discipline, and guide young individuals towards a positive path, away from bullying and adversity, emphasizing the importance of mental and physical well-being.

2024: Responding to Community Needs in Times of Crisis

The recent storms that swept through Mount Tambourine, Jimboomba, & Kooralbyn in January 2024 saw our team in action, helping clear fallen trees and debris. This response underscored our dedication to supporting our community in times of need, ensuring residents could safely return to their properties.

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Our Philosophy: Active Engagement and Empathy

Our commitment to the Gold Coast community is fueled by a philosophy of active engagement and empathy. It’s about making a tangible difference, leveraging our skills and resources to support our community in various ways, from uplifting local events to offering support during crises.

Strengthening Community Bonds: Support, Service, and Engagement

The essence of our engagement with the Gold Coast community is built on a foundation of support, service, and active participation. By fostering strong relationships with local groups, participating in and sponsoring community events, and contributing our skills and resources to local causes, we embody the true spirit of community partnership.

Partner in Community Growth

Our commitment extends to supporting various community programs and services, from youth engagement initiatives to disaster relief efforts. By aligning our resources and expertise with community needs, we play an active role in the city’s growth and resilience, underscoring our commitment to the collective well-being of the Gold Coast.

Platform for Engagement

Advanced Decking & Patios serves as a platform for engagement, bridging the gap between business and community through a shared vision for a vibrant, cohesive Gold Coast. Our involvement in community planning, support services, and event sponsorship reflects a deep-seated belief in the power of collective effort and mutual support.

Embracing the Future: Sustainable Development and Community Planning

At the core of our business philosophy is a steadfast commitment to not only enhancing individual outdoor living spaces but also contributing to sustainable development within the Gold Coast. Our vision extends to the planning and execution of projects that align with environmental stewardship and community well-being, reflecting a deep understanding of the city’s unique landscape and the aspirations of its residents.

Synergy of Aesthetics and Sustainability

Our approach to outdoor living spaces is rooted in the belief that aesthetic appeal and environmental sustainability can coexist harmoniously. Through the use of quality, sustainable materials, and innovative design practices, we’re setting new standards in the industry, contributing to a greener, more sustainable Gold Coast.

Expertise in Planning and Council Approvals

Understanding the intricacies of council approvals and planning regulations is paramount in our field. Our expertise not only simplifies this process for our clients but also ensures that every project we undertake is in harmony with local development guidelines, further cementing our role as responsible stewards of the community’s landscape.

Call to Action for Community Collaboration

As we passionately pursue the creation of beautiful, sustainable outdoor living spaces, our ambition stretches far beyond the individual projects we undertake. We recognize that the foundation of a truly vibrant community lies in the strength of its collaborations and the shared commitment of its members to uplift one another. It’s in this spirit that we extend a heartfelt invitation to homeowners, local businesses, community organizations, and individuals alike to join us in this endeavor. Whether it’s through participating in local events, supporting community initiatives, or simply fostering a more inclusive and supportive neighborhood, there’s a role for everyone to play.

We believe that every contribution, no matter its size, can have a profound impact. From the simple act of supporting local events to the more involved process of partnering on community projects, each action serves to weave a tighter, more cohesive community fabric. This collaboration not only enriches our immediate environment but also sets a precedent for future generations, demonstrating the power of collective action and mutual support.

In this journey, Advanced Decking & Patios is committed to being a proactive partner and a catalyst for positive change. We pledge to continue leveraging our resources, expertise, and passion for craftsmanship in service of the community, aiming not just for the beautification of individual properties but for the enrichment of our shared community life.

Thus, we invite you to join us in this mission. Together, let’s embark on a path towards creating not only stunning outdoor living spaces but also a stronger, more connected Gold Coast. Let this call to action inspire you to engage, collaborate, and contribute to our collective future, for it is through our united efforts that we can achieve the greatest impact.

Check out what some of our customers have to say
What an absolute transformation of our outdoor area completed by Advanced Decking & Patios!! The most professional, reliable, friendly team & we are absolutely over the moon with our new space. It feels like we’ve gained an extra room on our house! we never want to come inside! :) So much more space for our small children, so much more light coming in due to the much higher ceiling, and just a fantastic area to relax, entertain and have fun with the kids :) We cannot thank you enough and will definitely recommend your services to all of our friends.
Danni K
Just had a Patio installed by Steve and his team and wow! Excellent job! Perfect finishing touches. I would highly recommend Advanced Decking & Patios for their quality of workmanship and customer service. 10/10.
Jonny E
Steve is a very pleasant, friendly and helpful man. Our job, which should have been quick and simple, ended up being much more complicated than first thought. However he didn’t walk away as so many would have and completed the job, even working on weekends, to our satisfaction. We would certainly use him again should the need arise and thoroughly recommend him. Many, many thanks, Steve!
Jenny B
Steve and his team built us a beautiful modern patio which has absolutely transformed our outdoor area. It’s much higher than our old patio which used to block out so much sunlight. Our new patio lets so much more light in to the inside of our house. We’ve gone from never using our outdoor area to it being a little hub for our family given that it can be used in all weather conditions – perfect for our 3 year old. Highly recommend Advanced Decking & Patios. They did an excellent job, they were so friendly, reliable and professional.
Amy Y
Very professional outfit from the quoting process to the high standard of workmanship.
Exceeded expectations would highly recommend.
Anthony G
It was a very long time coming, but our new deck and patio are now complete and we love the entire look. Delays brought about by concrete drying issues, our changes of mind, rain, work problems, more rain etc meant we have had to wait months. Steve did a fantastic job and Cody, the young apprentice was wonderful and spent many hours putting the 9000 screws into the deck. Rick spent 10 hours on Good Friday to install the wire of the balustrades and all 3 built the patio recently. You cannot fault their workmanship nor work ethics and we are sorry there are not more jobs for them to do around our house. Well done to you all.
Kim & Keith T

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