If you’re finding yourself needing more space at home, then adding a deck or patio will provide you with ample space at significantly less cost than a home extension. Here’s a look at the various options available, depending on your budget, as well as the benefits of this outdoor living space. 

What are the styles of a deck?

This addition to your home is available in a range of styles and crafted out of a variety of materials. Working with a reputable supplier, you can work out which deck or patio style will suit your unique requirements.

  • Wraparound deck: This traditional deck gives you a substantial amount of outdoor space to be enjoyed by family and friends. Its extensive length means it’s often accessible from more than one entry point of the home. 
  • Attached deck: This is built directly off your home in a square, rectangle, L or U shape. 
  • Detached deck: This is built a distance from your home and is great if you have a larger backyard area. 
  • Multi-tier deck: If you have a multi-storey property or one on land that isn’t level, then you can a have deck extending off the main part of your house and then steps leading up or down to another level. 

Rooftop deck: These can give a wonderful view of the property but you will need to consider the building code restrictions.

What are the benefits of adding a deck or patio?

If you’re looking to increase your home, then a patio or deck is a worthwhile addition. But more than just increasing the space, installing a patio comes with a number of associated benefits. 

  1. Increase home value  – Even if you’re not thinking about selling your home right now, it’s always worth enhancing the value through renovations such as these. Decks are an in-demand feature that will only increase your home’s curb appeal.
  2. Get outside – If you enjoy the outdoors, then you’ll get a lot of use from a patio or deck. By adding some outdoor furniture, you’ll find yourself reading, birdwatching, or just relaxing in the sun more than you ever did before. A deck or patio is a great place to enjoy nature and the health benefits of spending time in the great outdoors.
  3. Entertainment area – With the sunny Australian weather, your deck will fast become the number one entertainment area in your home. Whether you’re hosting family and friends for a summer barbeque, evening drinks, or a big lunch, your deck is the ideal space for comfortable outdoor entertainment.
  4. It’s customisable – Modern deck designs can be tailored to your home’s particular feel and style. This makes them much more of a home extension rather than just an extra deck or patio for the property. You can include aspects such as built-in firepits or even transform the area into an outdoor kitchen or lounge space.
  5. It’s a simple build – Unlike a home extension, installing a deck or patio is not a complicated procedure that takes months and months. Once you’ve found a reliable company to work with, the process should be relatively fast and efficient. You’re also not having to contend with moving out furniture, as well as constant noise and dust.
  6. It’s cost-effective – Another great benefit of a deck installation is that it’s comparatively cheaper to build and, because it’s a low-maintenance home addition, you’re saving on costs in the long run as well.

The most important factor is who you choose to build your deck or patio. You want an experienced team who will provide you with a quality product. Advanced Decking & Patios is your number-one choice for any installations on the Gold Coast.