A carport is an excellent way to keep your vehicles and other valuable equipment safe from the elements, but your carport needs to also be cared for to ensure it’s performing at its optimum. Whether you’re protecting your cars, boats, motorbikes, or gardening equipment with your carport, here are some ways to keep your carport cared for as well. 

1. Clean 

One of the first steps in maintaining your carport is simply cleaning it regularly. If there are any wooden elements in your carport, these can be prone to damage from fungi and other microbes that can cause long-term harm. It’s one of the simplest ways to keep your carport functioning optimally, but it’s often overlooked! Make sure you go in and sweep the floor, clear out any cobwebs or other debris, and use a high-pressure hose to clean off any really hardened grime. If you have a metal carport, then you will need to ensure that you’re using something hardy like ammonia or another strong cleaner which is then used to clean the metal sections. This routine cleaning means fewer repairs later on in life. 

2. Inspect 

Another good care maintenance tip is to do a thorough inspection of your carport at least two or three times a year. This is how you’ll pick up any signs of wear and tear from the elements that could lead to more serious damage later on. You’ll also need to perform an inspection after any severe storms or other extreme weather conditions. Some of the elements you’ll need to look for include excess moisture that could cause moss or mildew, potential roof leaks, or aspects such as bird or wasp nests. 

3. Protect 

You might also have to take the necessary steps to protect your carport outside of regular cleaning. If you have a steel or other metal carport, you’ll need to protect your metal with a reliable sealant to prevent any rust or corrosion. If there’s a lot of rainfall in your area or water near the carport, consider installing gutters and downpipes to prevent damage. Another way you can protect your carport is by painting it. This is a great way to extend the lifespan of your carport and can also make it more aesthetically appealing – just make sure you use the right primer and paint. If you have a wooden carport, you can also use paint or other products to protect the wood from mildew or insects like wood borer. 

4. Repair

Even with following all the maintenance routines, you might need to repair certain parts of your carport from time to time. If, during your inspection, you spot any holes in the roof, unbalanced beams, or cracks in the slab, then address them as quickly as possible. Also, check that your manufacturer covers any repairs according to your warranty. 

5. Clear

Make sure that you keep the carport area cleared of any clutter. If you’ve installed gutters and drain pipes, you’ll need to check that these are cleared of leaves and debris on a regular basis. It’s also best to sweep away debris from around the carport so that mildew doesn’t set in, or rotting leaves lead to other structural damages. 

If you haven’t already installed a carport, it’s worse considering these maintenance tips to decide which one will be suited to your home needs. Advanced Decking & Patios, one of the leading manufacturers servicing the Gold Coast and Brisbane, is ready to assist you with all our outdoor living requirements. Get in touch with them today and keep your valuables safe with a quality carport!