If you need some outdoor privacy or are looking to break up a larger area such as your backyard, courtyard, or garden, then you might want to consider installing a durable decking privacy screen. These come in a variety of attractive styles, a wide range of materials, and have a multitude of functions for the innovative homeowner. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a decking privacy screen?

This is where a screen is added to a deck, porch, or any home exterior, as a way to subdivide an area for privacy, protection, or other uses. This cost-effective solution will increase the liveability of the area and, ultimately, the value of the property as well.

What are the types of decking privacy screens?

There are a variety of screen materials you can consider to improve your outdoor living space, depending on your personal style, budget, and requirements. Some of the material options for an outdoor privacy screen include:

  • Wooden screens: These are one of the most popular options for a decking screen as they are well-crafted and aesthetically appealing. These screens can be adapted to a variety of styles such as picket fencing, pallet fencing, and more, while also coming in a variety of wood options. 
  • Metal screens: When it comes to metal options for privacy decking screens, steel is a popular choice as it is non-porous and water-resistant to ensure no cracking, corrosion, or peeling. 
  • Bamboo screens: This is another eco-friendly option that many are considering because of its durability, heat- and water-resistance.

What are the benefits of installing a decking screen?

There are so many reasons you might want to consider installing a decking screen – even if you didn’t know it! Here’s a look at what this home addition will bring to your life!

  1. UV protection

Spending time outdoors is always encouraged, but you and your family need as much protection from the hot Australian sun as possible. By installing a decking screen – using quality screen materials – you will be ensuring complete ultraviolet protection. This is also beneficial if there is too much light entering your home when you’re trying to get that much-needed sleep. Decking screens can minimise the UV light entering the home to improve sleep as well as keep the home interior cooler in the summer months, saving on energy costs!

      2. De-cluttering

We all have those gardening tools, cleaning materials, and other assortment of household objects that we’d rather were kept hidden from view. With a durable decking screen, they can be! Privacy screens are great for keeping equipment out of sight, and this includes items like garbage bins and water tanks as well.

       3. Personal privacy

As the poet Robert Frost famously penned: “Good fences make good neighbours”. No matter how wonderful your neighbours are, everyone deserves a little privacy, which is why an outdoor privacy screen will be a great addition to your home. These will protect you from prying eyes – and will no doubt be appreciated by your neighbours as well!

       4. Wind protection

A gusty breeze can really ruin your outdoor event or relaxation time, which is why a decking screen is a useful addition to your outdoor living space. The slatted screen will minimise the wind without causing the screens to completely topple over, providing you with a comfortable, outdoor space.

      5. Furniture protection

Even the highest quality outdoor furniture will eventually suffer from wear and tear if it’s not provided with some measure of protection from the elements. Installing a decking screen will protect your furniture while also offering you a comfortable and secure space to relax outdoors.

      6. Curb appeal

Finally, the privacy and aesthetics offered by a durable decking screen will actually serve to enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase its value in the case of re-sale.

What are the tips for installing a decking privacy screen?

  1. Choose the location carefullyWhere you install your privacy screen will make all the difference, so it’s important that you consider this carefully before starting. The location will be determined by the direction of the home (in terms of sunlight), the privacy required, and where you’re most likely going to spend your time outdoors. 
  2. Work with industry experts – While installing a decking privacy screen might appear to be a simple home project, it can be quite a big undertaking and is best done by professionals if you haven’t got much DIY experience. Be sure to partner with a company that has extensive experience and can provide you with the necessary guidance on materials, location, and style.

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