If you’re looking for something to protect your vehicles and outdoor equipment from the elements, you’re probably torn between constructing a garage or installing a carport. The carport structure, which comes in many variations, has so many associated benefits that make it a worthwhile investment. Before you make the decision, here’s a look at 7 good reasons why a carport is first choice. 

1. Carports provide shade and protection 

Exposure to the elements for extended periods is detrimental to any car. Sun exposure results in a faded interior and exterior as well as peeling away protective layers. Hail, wind debris and rain can all lead to harmful erosion that devalues the vehicle. A carport protects your vehicle from all types of harsh weather conditions, with the uPVC carport providing even further sun protection – particularly useful if you have leather seats.

2. Carports are multi-functional

Despite what the name suggests, carports aren’t only for cars! They can be used as storage space to protect a variety of outdoor equipment or vehicles, from boats, bikes, recreational vehicles, and trailers to gardening equipment, outside furniture and more. But it’s not just storage that makes carports such a valuable asset, they can even be used as a great space for entertainment. Enjoy summertime without the risk of sunburn, or use the extra space for relaxing in the shade while enjoying a barbeque. Carport space can also be used as outdoor workshops and studios. 

3. Carports add value to your home 

The versatility and value that a carport adds to your life is also versatility and value that it’s adding to your home. The carport adds significant resale value to the space, something that prospective buyers will notice. Where building a garage could be prohibitive in terms of costs or bylaws, carports are a great alternative. 

4. Carports save you money 

There are many ways that installing a carport will save you money in the long run. We’ve discussed protection from the elements provided by carports – this translates into extensive savings on car maintenance and repairs over time. They’re also substantially more cost-effective than constructing an entire garage. And, unlike a garage, you’re not spending money on the energy used for a motor or lighting. 

5. Carports are customisable 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to modern carports, they can be fully customised to match the colour, design and style of your existing home. Unlike the imposing structure of a garage, carport designs are characteristically light and minimalist in design, making them less overbearing. The materials used in the structure tend to be high-quality uPVC and polycarbonate roofing, with a range of colour options. You can simply custom-design the carport to complement your home. 

6. Carports are easy to use

Most carport designs include basic beams with a canopy-like structure requiring no doors. This means you simply drive up and under the carport without having to navigate doors while carrying heavy bags of groceries. This saves a lot of time and hassle, particularly during that early morning rush!

7. Carports have ventilation

Where garages are fully enclosed spaces, carports offer similar protection with much more ventilation – which is good news for your vehicle. Garages tend to have a lot of interior moisture, which could turn to mould if not aerated constantly. This, in turn, damages whatever is being stored there through mould or rust. With a carport, you can protect your car while still enjoying a lot of natural ventilation. 

Whether you’re looking to protect your car or add a storage unit to your home, a carport is the best solution! Get in touch with Advanced Decking & Patios to find the right carport for your needs.