Nestled along the vibrant shores of the Gold Coast, Advanced Decking specializes in bringing the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home with the rustic elegance of timber patios. Timber decking offers a timeless charm that harmonizes with the breathtaking coastal surroundings, creating an inviting outdoor space that extends your living area seamlessly. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every project we undertake, from the initial design consultation to the final touches of your bespoke timber patio.

Benefits of Timber Patios

Timber patios are more than just an aesthetic enhancement to your home; they offer a multitude of benefits that enhance your outdoor living experience. The natural warmth and beauty of timber create a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging relaxation and connection with nature. Moreover, timber decking is highly versatile, easily tailored to fit any design aesthetic from modern to traditional, making it a perfect choice for Gold Coast homes.

Enhancing Outdoor Living Spaces

A timber patio significantly increases the usability of your outdoor area, providing a sturdy and attractive platform for outdoor entertaining areas, dining sets, and lounge chairs. It acts as a natural extension of your indoor living spaces, blurring the lines between inside and out and expanding your living area without the need for major renovations.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Options

For those concerned with environmental impact, timber is a renewable resource, especially when sourced from certified sustainable forests. By choosing timber for your patio, you’re opting for a material that not only looks beautiful but also contributes to a healthier planet.

Adds Value to Your Home

A well-crafted timber patio can significantly increase the market value of your home. It’s an investment that pays dividends by enhancing the property’s aesthetic appeal and functional outdoor living space, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

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Natural Insulation Properties

Timber acts as a natural insulator, helping to regulate the temperature of your outdoor space. During hot summers, a timber patio can provide a cooler area to relax, whereas, in cooler months, it retains warmth, making your outdoor area usable year-round.

Acoustic Benefits

The natural properties of timber help to absorb sound, which can create a quieter and more serene outdoor environment. This is particularly beneficial in urban areas or neighborhoods where noise pollution can be an issue.

Health and Wellbeing

Being surrounded by natural materials like timber has been shown to improve mental health and wellbeing. A timber patio can serve as a peaceful retreat, encouraging outdoor time and interaction with nature.

Versatile Design Options

Timber patios can be customized to suit a wide range of architectural styles, from traditional homes to contemporary residences. The versatility of timber allows for creative freedom in design, ensuring that each patio is unique and tailored to the homeowner’s vision.

Quick Installation

Compared to some other materials, timber patios can be relatively quick to install, minimizing disruption to your home. This means you can enjoy your new outdoor space sooner, with the installation process tailored to fit your schedule.

Supports Local Industries

Opting for timber, especially locally sourced varieties, supports the local timber industry and reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting materials from afar. It’s a choice that benefits both your home and the environment.

Types of Timber Patios

The versatility of timber allows for a wide range of patio designs, each offering its unique charm and functionality. From classic hardwood to innovative composite decking, there’s a timber solution to suit every outdoor space and aesthetic preference.


  1. Hardwood Timber Decking: Hardwood is renowned for its durability and resistance to outdoor elements, making it an ideal choice for the Gold Coast’s climate. Species such as Merbau, Spotted Gum, and Blackbutt not only offer robustness but also bring rich, warm tones to your outdoor living area.
  2. Composite Decking: For those looking for a low-maintenance alternative, composite decking provides the appearance of timber with the benefits of synthetic materials. It resists fading, staining, and weathering, making it a practical option for busy homeowners who still desire the look and feel of a timber patio.
  3. Treated Pine Decking: Treated pine is a cost-effective and sustainable option for timber patios, treated to resist decay, termites, and weathering. It’s a versatile wood that can be stained or painted to match any design aesthetic.
  4. Jarrah Timber Decking: Jarrah is a premium hardwood known for its durability, rich red color, and resistance to weathering, making it ideal for the Gold Coast’s climate. Its natural beauty adds a luxurious touch to any outdoor area.
  5. Bamboo Decking: As an eco-friendly and highly renewable resource, bamboo decking is gaining popularity. It offers a modern look, exceptional durability, and resistance to insects and moisture, making it an excellent choice for sustainable outdoor living spaces.
  6. Teak Decking: Teak is prized for its exceptional durability and natural resistance to the elements. It’s a high-end option that develops a beautiful silver-gray patina over time if left untreated, perfect for creating an elegant outdoor retreat.

Designing Your Dream Timber Patio

Creating the perfect timber patio begins with a vision. Whether you envision a cozy retreat for quiet afternoons or a sprawling deck for large family gatherings, our design consultants work closely with you to bring your dream outdoor space to life.

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  • Personalized Patio Designs
    • At Advanced Decking, we believe in creating unique outdoor spaces that reflect the individuality of each homeowner. Our free consultation service allows us to understand your needs, preferences, and the specific characteristics of your site, ensuring that your timber patio perfectly complements your home and lifestyle.
  • Seamless Integration with Your Home
    • Our patio designs are carefully crafted to integrate seamlessly with your existing structures and landscaping. From selecting the right timber to match your home’s exterior to ensuring the patio roof provides adequate shade and protection, every detail is considered to create a harmonious and functional outdoor area.
  • Considerations for Building a Timber Patio
    • Building a timber patio involves several important considerations to ensure its longevity and functionality. Council approval, material selection, and structural integrity are key factors that our team navigates with expertise.
  • Obtaining Council Approval
    • Before construction begins, it’s essential to secure council approval for your timber patio. Our team is well-versed in the Gold Coast’s regulatory requirements and can assist you in navigating the approval process, ensuring your project complies with all local laws and regulations.
  • Choosing the Right Materials
    • Selecting the right timber for your patio is crucial for its durability and appearance. Our experts highly recommend materials that are suited to the coastal environment, offering advice on the best options for resisting the elements and maintaining their beauty over time.
  • Maintaining Your Timber Patio
    • To ensure your timber patio remains a beautiful and inviting outdoor living space for years to come, regular maintenance is necessary. Simple steps can significantly prolong the life and appearance of your deck.
  • Local Climate and Weather Conditions
    • The choice of timber and design of your patio should consider the Gold Coast’s specific climate. Materials and construction techniques that are suitable for coastal environments will ensure your patio’s longevity and resilience.
  • Soil Type and Foundation
    • Understanding the soil type on your property is crucial for building a stable and durable timber patio. The right foundation, whether it’s concrete piers or ground screws, will depend on the soil conditions and the design of your patio.
  • Accessibility and Flow
    • Consider how your timber patio will connect with your home and garden. Designing for ease of access and a natural flow between indoor and outdoor spaces can enhance the functionality and enjoyment of your outdoor area.
  • Privacy and Security
    • Incorporating design elements such as screens or strategic planting can provide privacy from neighbors and enhance the security of your outdoor space, making it a more comfortable and secluded retreat.
  • Lighting and Electrical Considerations
    • Planning for outdoor lighting and electrical outlets during the design phase can extend the usability of your timber patio into the evening and improve the ambiance of your outdoor space.
  • Future Maintenance Requirements
      • Considering the maintenance requirements of different types of timber and design elements can help you choose a patio that fits your lifestyle and the level of upkeep you’re willing to commit to.

At Advanced Decking, we’re dedicated to creating outdoor spaces that enhance the beauty and functionality of your home. Our expertise in timber patios, coupled with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, makes us the leading patio builders on the Gold Coast. Contact us today for a free quote, and let us transform your outdoor area into the living space of your dreams. Engage with us and share this post to inspire others to embrace the rustic elegance of timber patios.